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VideoRay Pro 4 ROVs

VideoRay Pro 4 ROVs

The VideoRay Pro 4 is the culmination of more than a decade of ROV design and development. Building off the success of the VideoRay Pro 3 model, the Pro 4 incorporates the latest in small ROV design and technology making it the most advanced, capable, and versatile small ROV on the market today. Completely computer driven by a sleek, intuitive, and powerful new software platform called VideoRay Cockpit, the Pro 4 is more advanced than anything else offered in its class. With the Pro 4 ROV hardware in position, incorporating new features such as vehicle autonomous control, the latest imaging sonar and positioning hardware and software, or a variety of other sensors and tools developed around the size and capability of the Pro 4 couldn't be easier. Following VideoRay's proven ideals of making our ROV systems and accessories "plug and play," capabilities can be added or subtracted with either a simple software update or a quick hardware add-on in the field - all without the system being sent back to the factory.

The Pro 4 has a host of advanced internal features that position it above other vehicles in its class such as a 3D tilt compensated compass, Accelerometer, MEMS Gyro, a leak alarm, internal temperature gauge, real time volt meter, and depth sensor. These features are designed to make the pilot's life easier and give advance warning in the case of an issue with the vehicle.


The VideoRay Pro 4 ROV systems were designed for professionals demanding easy to use, portable, versatile, and cost-effective technology that can make them successful.  Whether you are embarking on a search & rescue mission, inspecting infrastructure beyond divers' reach, or exploring for treasures on the ocean floor, there is a VideoRay Pro 4 that will help you find exactly what you are looking for.  

We have drastically simplified the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV system selection process - simply select a BASE system depending on your needs and budget, add on applicable accessories such as sonar or a manipulator arm, and select a tether configuration depending on the depths you need to work at.

VideoRay Brushless Thrusters

The VideoRay Pro 4’s custom designed and highly efficient brushless thrusters deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.  In order to provide the optimal blend of power and control, the VideoRay Pro 4's thrusters incorporate the following features:

- The horizontal thrusters, coupled with hydro-dynamically optimized propellers and nozzles, produce the highest thrust-to-vehicle weight (21 pounds of thrust on a 10 pound vehicle) and thrust-to-drag ratios in the industry - over 2 to 1 thrust to weight ratio.  This combination ensures you’ll have the power when you need it, along with the ability to pull long umbilicals and work in currents that divers wouldn’t dare attempt.  Formal US Navy tests confirm 21 pounds of sustained thrust on a Pro 4 ROV with the now standard 33 amp boards. 

- Thruster placement on the VideoRay vehicle and counter propeller rotation provide a zero turning radius and extremely agile maneuverability as well as a stable platform for the camera and sensors.

- Enhanced vertical thrust and pitch-enhanced dive and surface modes get you to and from your working depth quickly, and computer controlled “set and forget” auto-depth holds the depth you set.  There’s no need to disengage auto-depth to adjust to a new depth.

- Motor controllers are tuned for lightning-fast responsiveness. In conjunction with joystick sensitivity and independently adjustable gain, these features ensure precision handling and provide the dexterity to position and hold the ROV exactly where you need it.

- VideoRay’s engineers also recognized and accommodated the need for maintenance by keeping things simple.  Proprietary cartridge motor shaft seals can be visually inspected without being removed.  When it is time to replace them, it usually takes less than 5 minutes and can be done in the field instead of the labor intensive process of disassembling the thruster and refilling a grease galley as is the case with other manufacturer's thrusters.  Fouled propellers can also be cleared and replaced easily if necessary.

VideoRay Pro 4 brushless thrusters are also available independently of the vehicle to anyone.  This option includes the complete thruster sub assembly from light dome to thruster guard.

VideoRay Pro 4 Cockpit Software

VideoRay Cockpit for the Pro 4 ROV is by far the most intuitive, easily operated, and visually appealing ROV control software available.  It communicates your control inputs to the ROV, and provides feedback from the ROV's video and sensor systems.  VideoRay Cockpit consists of a Video Window, the Control Instruments, and the Control Bar.  Like any other PC application, simply double click the Cockpit icon and you're ready to fly your VideoRay Pro 4 ROV.

VideoRay Cockpit comes factory-installed on all new Pro 4 systems. Software updates and documentation are available for download free of charge on our Software Downloads page. VideoRay Cockpit does not need to be installed unless the software has been deleted, or the software is being installed on a new computer.

Video Window

The video window can be set to maintain a fixed size or be resizable. If the window is set to fixed size, the video window is set to 640(H) X 480(V) pixels and only the standard Close button is available. The window location can be moved, but the size and aspect ratio cannot be changed. If the window is set to allow resizing, the standard window controls for resizing by dragging the sides or corners are available, and the Minimize, Maximize (full screen) and Close buttons are available.

The video window title bar displays the number of snapshots and video recordings captured during the current session and a blinking red record icon will be displayed throughout video recording. The video text overlay controls enable the display of the date, time, ROV sensor data and user defined text to be overlaid on the video image. Data from attached accessories or other sensors can also be imported and displayed on the video as overlay text. Recorded audio can be used to add narration to the video in real time. Whenever video is being recorded, audio is also being recorded to the same file. The audio can be muted to eliminate background noise or unwanted conversations.

Control Instruments

In addition to controlling the Pro 4 and displaying video, VideoRay Cockpit provides numerous feedback and control instruments including compass heading, depth, camera control, and ROV health, just to name a few.  These instruments float on the desktop and can be moved, resized, turned on or off, or made transparent.  You can also restore their sizes and positions to their default locations.

Control Bar

The Control Bar at the bottom can be used to launch help and integrated applications, control various settings, and close VideoRay Cockpit.

VideoRay Pro 4 ROV Lighting

With over 3,600 lumens of efficient and powerful LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting, the VideoRay Pro 4 submersible is capable of illuminating even the darkest of environments.

The forward light reflectors have been engineered to distribute the light evenly throughout the camera tilt range, making lights that "track" the camera unnecessary.  The two LED arrays are positioned outside the main pressure hull to provide the greatest separation from the camera.  This distance is key to minimizing back-scatter, or the reflection of waves, particles, or signals that can cloud the underwater camera.

The combination of camera and lighting on the VideoRay Pro 4 will produce impressive video quality in a variety of water conditions.  With the VideoRay Pro 4 you never worry about your lighting "burning out" or even changing a bulb.

VideoRay Pro 4 ROV Main Camera

The VideoRay Pro 4 main wide dynamic range color camera is located in the forward pressure hull of the ROV.  The forward camera tilts vertically 160º - within the range of the LED lighting so every subject is illuminated no matter where it is viewed from.  The camera offers a standard definition image at roughly 570 lines of resolution as well as wide dynamic range and backlight compensation to give you the most detailed pictures even in difficult lighting situations. The camera is optimized for underwater use and offers 0.004 lux low-light sensitivity by including automatic or manual switching between color and black and white modes.

There are more than 20 user controllable settings in the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV camera that can be managed from the control panel including digital slow shutter, digital zoom, and white balance.  The Pro 4 can be equipped with either a PAL or NTSC camera depending on which video format you require.

Digital recording of still images and video is built into the control panel and can be executed with the push of a button from the hand controller.  Images and video are recorded in digital format directly onto the Pro 4 computer (or an assigned external hard drive), ready for nonlinear editing, online album sharing, or DVD authoring.

VideoRay also offers externally mountable High Definition (HD) camera set-ups ranging from cost-effective, compressed HD video recorded at the source to fully uncompressed fiber-optically transmitted 1080p in just about every professional format available.  Our goal is to gather the needs of the shooter and deliver the most effective HD rig for the job.