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VMV Multisensor - Metal detector (EMI)


Customized Detection Systems for UXO´S and/or Mines

Detection systems with different kinds of sensors or several sensors of the same type.

For time saving land and water survey with navigation aid by using DGPS and real-time display of measured data.

Different search widths and number of channels available.


Alternative combination of the following sensors:

Metal detector (EMI)

Gradient magnetometer (Fluxgate)

Ground penetration radar (GPR) - on demand


Different sensor carriers possible:

Vehicle-mounted systems

Manually operated systems


Multisensor Systems - Vehicle Mounted

Operation and data recording with ruggedized notebook,

Real-time display of survey data and navigation aid when using a DGPS,

Automatic data evaluation with Vallon EVA2000® 2.X software.

Working width: customized

Number of channels: customized