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Leica ScanStation 2

Leica ScanStation 2

With attractive entry-level pricing, 50,000 pts/sec maximum instantaneous scan speed, and the full freedom and accuracy of a total station, Leica ScanStation 2 is a great addition to your as-built and topographic surveying tool kit. Leica ScanStation 2 features powerful laptop control and the ability to conduct full-dome scans using its oscillating mirror with front and top-window design.

A high-resolution, internal digital camera aids with targeting and texture mapping of scan data.



 - With a 10-times boost in maximum instantaneous scan speed and the full freedom and accuracy of a total station, Leica ScanStation 2 has lifted laser scanning to the next level.

 - This speed and productivity boost builds on the already industry-leading versatility of theScanStation™ class of laser scanner to make High-Definition Surveying™ (HDS™) profitable for even more as-built and topographic survey projects.

 - For many as-built and topographic surveys, laser scanners have already proven to significantly reduce field labor compared to traditional methods.  ScanStation 2’s jump-step increase in pulsed scan speed further slashes these costs – field labor is now as little as one-fifth of that of traditional methods for many projects.

 - One of its four (4) fundamental total station features, the full dome field-of-view lets users capture overhead, vertical, horizontal, and sub-level geometry with equal ease.

 - Like a total station, users can setup ScanStation 2 over control, traverse, resection, and even stakeout and point with it.

 - As part of the ScanStation instrument category, ScanStation 2 delivers survey-grade accuracy for each point. Ultra-fine scanning with a small beam at long range also enables optimal project control & registration.

 - ScanStation 2′s detection range (300 m @ 90 % reflectivity), high accuracy, small beam, and ultrafine scanning combine for a “useful range” that addresses many typical sites.

  - From a single vessel to entire plants and factories – accurate as-built data makes retrofit projects and maintenance/operations go more smoothly.

 - With its high scan speed, 300 m (max) reflectorless range, and survey accuracy, ScanStation 2 is more cost-effective, more precise and safer for many pile and pit surveys.

 - ScanStation 2 provides unobtrusive, fast and complete surveys for a wide range of accident scenes, archaeology sites, heritage structures, and more.