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Geometrics StrataVisor NZ

StrataVisor NZ Seismograph

The StrataVisor NZXP is a high-performance exploration seismic system in a compact, weatherproof chassis. The NZXP can operate as a field PC, as a stand-alone seismic recorder with 3 to 64 internal channels. The NZXP expands easily to larger channel systems by connecting other NZ seismographs or lightweight Geode modules. This flexibility lets you collect data for all applications in all environments – you can even rent extra channels when needed. The StrataVisor NZXP console includes a brilliant daylight-visible color screen, waterproof keypad and built-in printer. Low-power circuitry and a standby mode extend battery life and reduce weight.

Examine your data at all phases of acquisition to ensure data quality. Customizable windows show real-time noise monitor, amplitude spectra and seismic traces so you see problems instantly. A log file keeps track of all parameter changes and customizable alarms alert you to critical issues. You can even do preliminary processing in the field with industry-leading reflection, refraction and tomography software included with every system. The StrataVisor NZ is backed by a 2 year parts and labor warranty. All this from a company with factory trained service centers world wide and over 35 years of superior support to geoscience professionals.


- Get the best data: Professional, ruggedized 24 bit seismic recorder suitable for all seismic surveys: reflection, refraction, downhole, VSP, marine or monitoring.

- Flexible configurations: Houses from 3 to 64 channels. Expands seamlessly up to 1000 channels by connecting Geode in-field distributed modules or connecting other NZs

- Works in all conditions: Military-grade CPU, shock-mounted chassis, reliable in harsh environments, operates in extreme temperatures, humidity and dust. Exceeds MIL 810E vibration spec.

- Widest bandwidth: 20 kHz bandwidth (0.02 ms to 16 ms sampling) for ultra-high resolution engineering surveys or recording low frequencies for earthquake monitoring.

- Field friendly: Brilliant full-sun-visible color screen and built-in plotter - available also as rugged field computer without seismic channels.

- Put your client at ease: Built-in geophone and line testing, full waveform noise monitor. Optional automated internal in-field instrument testing and enhanced geophone and line diagnostics.

- Use any source: Sub-sample trigger ensures accurate stacking; hardware correlator eliminates delays with Vibroseis or pseudo-random Mini-Sosie sources.

Software to facilitate ALL applications

- Reflection (included)
- Refraction (included, operates directly on seismograph)
- Downhole, crosshole, vertical seismic profiling (optional)
- Event triggering for earthquakes, microseismic, blast monitoring and surveillance (optional, runs on seismograph)
- Marine survey management (optional, runs on seismograph)
- Continuous recording, GPS synchronization (optional, runs on seismograph)
- Vibroseis, pseudo-random sources (optional, runs on seismograph)
- Passive and active surface-wave surveys (included, runs on seismograph)