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Geometrics Geode EM 3D

Geode EM 3D

Exploring for minerals and other resources? Save time, money and effort with Geometrics' new Geode EM3D system. The Geode EM3D, a new distributed electromagnetic system specifically designed for mineral mining, shallow oil and gas, as well as groundwater exploration. This system is a significant advance in geophysical exploration for the mining industry. A flexible network architecture allows the setup of anywhere from 6 to 240 channels of electric and magnetic field measurements for high-resolution imaging of the subsurface.

Capable of performing controlled-source audiomagnetotellurics, natural-field audiomagnetotellurics and induced polarization, the Geode EM3D offers a range of techniques suitable for any mineral exploration task. Traditional electromagnetic (EM) methods are time consuming and thus impractical for obtaining the high resolution required in today’s competitive mining environment. The Geode EM3D allows for closely spaced soundings based on a common network of stations. For greater flexibility, the instrument is designed to interface to a range of commercially available controlled-source geophysical transmitters.

Simultaneous Data Acquisition

Traditional CSAMT uses a separate setup for each sounding. For example for 50 CSAMT stations (soundings), the transmitter must be run fifty times and the station moved 50 times.

Geode EM3D allows a single setup of all stations and one transmitter run for acquisition of all 50 sounding at the same time (simultaneous acquisition).

Benefits - Why Choose Geode EM3D?

* High-density 3-D data sets for complete characterization of your mining prospect
* Rapid data collection with all channels GPS-synchronized to a single transmitter
* Flexible spacing of H-field sensors to maximize resolution yet minimize cost
* Scalable network from 24 channels, or less, up to 240 channels
* Full tensor CSAMT using two transmitter polarizations
* Automatic contact resistance measurement for better data quality
* In-field calibration for more accurate measurement
* Future AMT, IP, Resistivity modules available

Advantages of Using H-field Magnetic Sensor Coils

- Saves time: Traditional CSAMT requires burying coils for every sounding. Each time the station is moved the coils are reburied. Geode EM3D network allows using magnetic coils on one receiver to be used for soundings on other receivers so fewer coils are needed and buried.

- Saves money: Operator can choose the best number of magnetic coils for the survey needs. For example H-field measurements can be used for every two E-field measurements, or maybe only every six, ten, or more E-field measurements, depending on the complexity of the geology and the requirements of the survey.

- Improves data quality: Using multiple Hy and Hx on different receivers, at different locations, allows local referencing to improve data quality.