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Geometrics Geode DZ

Geode DZ Seismograph

Easy to Deploy, Easy to Operate, Easy on the Wallet

- Low Entry Level Pricing, Expand Gradually
- Downward Compatible With Existing Geode Hardware
- No Expensive Annual Software Maintenance
- Requires No Costly, Hard-To-Learn Planning Software

40 Years of Reliability and Support

- Service Centers on All Continents
- 3 year warranty
- Expert On-Site Training and Startup Assistance

The Geode DZ 3D seismic system from Geometrics is the result of over 30 years of experience in building seismographs that have been used all over the world for an amazingly broad range of survey types. The knowledge we have gained over the years has allowed us to provide you with the Geode DZ - a reliable, low entry cost, easy to use 3D seismic system. The Geode DZ uses the same proven, reliable technology that has always been employed in the Geode system – well known for its reliability and ruggedness. A sample of our satisfied customers includes Kansas Geological Survey, China Earthquake Administration (CSSB), KIGAM of Korea, and the National Geophysical Research Institute of India.

Using the latest windows user interface methods, the Geode seismic software lets you perform trouble shooting of your array in the most rapid manner. Our latest innovation, the instrument Spotlight Mode lets you graphically zoom in on trouble spots quicker than any other method available. The Geode DZ also brings you something else that Geometrics is known for – Cost effectiveness. The Geode DZ system can use PCs for all control, data storage and data QC needs, so the there is no need for expensive and bulky custom interfaces to your seismic electronics. The low cost of the Geode DZ extends to software maintenance – The lowest in the industry – Free for the lifetime of the product.