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Geometrics G-859 MagMap

G-859 Magnetometer

A Professional Magnetic Mapping System for Minerals, Petroleum and Geologic Surveys

- Excellent Performance: Low Noise/High Sensitivity, best in the industry – 0.008nT/Hz RMS – and worldwide operation

- Very Fast – Log mag and GPS at up to 5 samples per second for economic large area surveys at high sample density

- Integrated GPS/Backpack – Includes non-magnetic backpack and Novatel™ WAAS / EGNOS ready GPS

- Low AC Field Interference – Best in the industry for rejecting AC power line grid noise (50/60 Hz)

- Easy-to-use – Simple setup and rapid in-field map generation with free MagMap2000™ software

- Reliability – Our Cesium sensors never need calibration or factory realignment. Designed for extreme ruggedness and reliability.

- Designed for large surveys mining/oil/gas – This versatile tool is specially designed for large area surveys with 8 hr data storage capacity and two 6 hr battery packs

This low-cost Cesium vapor magnetometer system offers the mining/oil/gas survey companies the best total field magnetic survey tool available. Based on our industry standard G-858 MagMapper system, the G-859 incorporates all of the reliability and proven performance in a lightweight survey package with integrated WAAS/EGNOS enabled Novatel™ GPS.



The G−859 Mining Mag uses a graphical interface to make survey design and data acquisition quick and efficient. A "Simple" or "Mapped" Mode uses line numbers and known staked reference points to define the map parameters. Or the user may use the integrated Novatel Smart Antenna™ GPS for mapping positions automatically. Position information may come from an external GPS, from regularly spaced fiducial marks input by the operator or both. At any time, the user may switch to "profile" mode to observe the last 5 data lines as stacked profiles.

Data is collected in up to 5 separate survey files and transferred via high speed RS−232 data link (or USB with converter) to a computer for further analysis and map generation. The full featured graphical data editing program MagMap2000 is provided to allow repositioning, realignment, GPS smoothing, data filtering and interpolation of the data. After editing, the data is formatted in either Surfer for Windows or Geosoft formats for further plotting and analysis.

G−859 data acquisition offers either continuous (automatic) or discrete station recording. Data quality is uniformly high and lower costs are inherent for most projects due to the high sampling rate of the instrument in continuous mode. This allows the operator to survey an area at a fast pace, covering as much as 10 times more area in a given time period than other magnetometers.

In addition to its speed and sensitivity, the G-859 is also reliable, rugged, economical, and easy to use. Electrical connectors on the G-859's sensor have been eliminated in order to increase reliability and reduce setup time. The G-859's internal firmware has been streamlined to include those features important for mining exploration. We are so confident in the improved design of the G−859 that it comes with 2 Year Warranty.