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Geometrics ES-3000

ES-3000 Seismograph

A lightweight cost effective underground imaging tool including an ultra-portable recorder with all of the features.

If you are a geoscientist doing teaching or research, or just need an exploration seismograph to find bedrock, the ES-3000 is for you. The system includes ESOS data acquisition software and the ES-3000 seismodule connects directly to your PC via the Ethernet port – no additional hardware or drivers are required.

The ES-3000 system comes with all the data analysis software you need to do comprehensive refraction surveys to find bedrock, the water table, where to rip, or even outline gravel deposits. Geometrics also offers special multi-license pricing on the standalone version of SeisImager/2D so that field crews and students can have their own copies. The ES-3000 comes with a 3-year warranty backed by Geometrics, now in our 34th year of prompt and knowledgeable customer support. The ES-3000 is also available for rent.



- Find bedrock, depth-to-water, faults and fractures.

- Ideal for engineering, construction, road building, and teaching.

- Best quality data: automatic settings, make no mistakes.

- Lightweight (8 lbs/3.5 kg) and low-power.

- Easy interface: no complicated drivers, plugs directly into your PC Ethernet port.

- Includes analysis software to give you quick answers in the field and reports for your client.

- Reduced noise and cost: Data transmitted from ES-3000 to host computer digitally, replacing long, expensive analog cables with digital cables.

- Optional software for blast and vibration measurements, earthquake monitoring.