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Foerster FOREX PNC




FEREX probes network controller is an alternative to the classic FEREX data logger
Operation of single-axis FEREX probes in a network
CAN-Bus network with up to four single-axis FEREX probes directly on a laptop
Laptop with FOERSTER DATAMONITOR software with data server
Cascading of the probe network controller for networks with multi-channel applications
Real-time data capture with FOERSTER DATAMONITOR software
Data capture of up to 16 channels
Comfortable navigation
GPS interface
Use with 3 and 4 probe holders only if the magnetic signature of the laptop does not have an effect


Your Partner for Landmine - and UXO-Detection

The FEREX probe network controller replaces the classical FEREX datalogger in network configurations. It is an
advantageous tool in all cases where up to 4 single axis sensors (e.g. FEREX probes CON 650) will be used in
a CAN-bus network connected to a Laptop with integrated data server and FEREX DATAMONITOR software.
One further probe network controller is needed for multi channel sensor systems when using 4 further single
axis sensors.

Features Probe Network Controller

• 24Bit AD converter
• CAN-bus interface
• 12-24V DC power supply
• Interface for sensor cable
• Robust housing
• Compact design

Features Cable Sets

• All known cable sets for 3 and 4 probe holders and for FOERSTER MULTICAT ® can be used, others upon request
• Connection of probe network controllers with a CAN® bus and a power supply cable lead to cascaded networks


• Real time data processing with FOERSTER DATAMONITOR software
• Data processing of up to 16 channels
• Comfortable vehicle navigation
• GPS interface

Components for FEREX 4.032 probe networks

1 to 16 FEREX CON 650 probes
1 to 4 probe network controller
1 cable set
1 PC with CAN network adapter
1 FOERSTER DATAMONITOR software installed on the PC

Technical Data

Probe Network Controller

AD converter 24Bit
External Power supply 12-24V DC
Interface CAN bus (max. 500kBaud) I/O 9-pole
Interface for sensor cable 15-pole
Power consumption approx. 3.5W with 12V, 4 FEREX probes, 500kBaud
Approx. 3.0W with 24V, 4 FEREX probes, 500kBaud
Dimensions WxHxD 187mm x 235mm x 90mm
Weight 2.8 kg
Robust housing, protection class IP65
Compact design
Sampling rate up to 8 probes 240Hz, 9 to 16 probes 120Hz
Low pass filter effective sample rate 30Hz (filtering e.g. interference signals of 50Hz)
FOERSTER DATAMONITOR GPS interface Trimble, Leica
PC: Pentium 4
MS-Windows XP